Case Study Exam Room Pack (November 2021)
Updated (27 October 2021) - We are pleased to confirm that our DGS Exam Room Pack has now been released - we are in the process of sending out the PDF copies to all existing purchasers - please be patient as we have a very large number of emails to send so please allow through to 23.59 UK time tonight to receive your copy per our previously announced timetable.


Our Case Study Exam Room Pack for the November 2021 sitting will provide you with a condensed and reorganised version of the ICAEW Advance Information.

We will strip out all the irrelevant filler material, identify the key themes and then create alphabetically-organised summary notes which collate into specific thematic pages all the various points which have been deliberately scattered throughout the Advance Information by the examiners.

Our Exam Room Pack will therefore help you digest the Advance Information in double-quick time, maximising your pre-exam study time. This will be further helped by the set of quick-fire interactive questions that we will upload to our learning platform to help you learn the Advance Information inside-out.

Then, on exam day, you will have access to a logically organised, quick reference resource to maximise your time in the examination itself. 

Published since 2013, our Exam Room Pack has long been the "secret weapon" of Case Study students!

How do I access the Exam Room Pack content? What can I download and print?

Our Exam Room Pack will be emailed to you as a printable PDF as soon as possible after your purchase (provided that the release date for the Exam Room Pack has passed: see further explanation below).

You will be able to print the resource for your own use only so that you can take a copy of the Exam Room Pack into the examination with you. You may also wish to add further annotations and personalised reminders to your hardcopy. 

Please note that we will send you a PDF file only - we will not send a hardcopy. You will therefore be responsible for printing the PDF in a way that suits your requirements. 

Immediately after purchase, you will gain access to various video and question resources hosted on our online learning platform. These resources are locked to the platform and cannot be downloaded. However, as explained above, the Exam Room Pack PDF will be sent by email for printing by you. 

We hope this policy is clear but please let us know if you have any further questions prior to confirming your purchase. 

Why don't you release the Exam Room Pack earlier than the end of October? I could really do with some more time to get familiar with the resource.

Whilst we would love to release the Exam Room Pack earlier, please understand that we must first complete our set of 5 Mocks within our Mock Exam Pack as we feel that this resource is something that students need to receive earlier in the process, given that it requires 4 hours of time to sit each Mock!

We also want to have a bit of time to work with students on our live tuition courses to understand what students may require in the Exam Room Pack.

Finally, we want to ensure that we have had sufficient time to read and absorb the Advance Information so that our Exam Room Pack is complete and thorough, with no themes or key points missed. We don't want to cause confusions by issuing multiple versions and updates! 

So whilst we do understand that it would be useful to have the Exam Room Pack available earlier, we hope you will understand our reasons for taking our time to get things right, particularly as the Exam Room Pack is intended to be a short document which is very easy to read, use and become familiar with. We are sure you will find that the Exam Room Pack is worth the wait!

Release schedule

Our November 2021 Exam Room Pack is OUT NOW!

Your access to this resource will expire on 4 November 2021 after the November 2021 examination: if you are taking the examination at the deferred sitting recently announced by ICAEW (the specific date is not known at present), please contact us so that we can renew your access to cover you through to the new exam date. 

We ask that you do not share these materials with any other parties - doing so would not only be a breach of copyright (and therefore a breach of the ICAEW Code of Ethics) but may harm your chances of success, given that Case Study is a moderated examination in which ICAEW base their pass/fail decisions on the average standard of all candidates taking the examination. Please help us and fellow purchasers of our Exam Room Pack by respecting our copyright. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.