Case Study Mock Exam Pack (November 2021)
UPDATE (15 October, 19.40 UK time) - We are pleased to confirm that Mock 3 and Mock 4 have now been made available slightly ahead of schedule this evening. Enjoy!


Our Case Study Mock Exam Pack for the November 2021 sitting will provide you with 5 full Mocks (question papers, markscheme "grids" and fully written out candidate-style answer) based on the live November 2021 Advance Information. Our Mock Exam Pack therefore allows you to practise your timing and exam technique 5 times whilst only having to read one set of Advance Information (and a set of Advance Information which will be relevant to you - much better than using past papers as a preparation tool!). 

The November 2021 edition of our Mock Exam Pack will be supported by a suite of online content hosted on our new online learning platform. This will include video content to help you make the most of the Mock Exam Pack, general tips and tricks videos, analysis of the Advance Information and detailed tutor debriefs of the Mocks to help you "think like an examiner" by understanding how we constructed the relevant question and answer content. 

We'll also include free access to our set of quick-fire interactive questions that we will upload to our learning platform to help you learn the Advance Information inside-out. [These questions will be provided later in October, after we have finalised more of the Mock content.]

Finally, as a useful printable exam-day resource, we'll provide you with our Mock Exam Pack Key Points Summary PDF, a condensed, quick reference resource which collates and summarises all the key points from the Mock Exam Pack which may be relevant in certain exam scenarios. (Please note that our Mock Exam Pack Key Points Summary PDF is a different resource to our Exam Room Pack, which is a summary of the Advance Information rather than a summary of the Mock Exam Pack. Please click here for further information regarding our separate Exam Room Pack.). 

How do I access the Mock Exam Pack content? What can I download and print?

The question paper PDFs will be made available on our learning platform. These can be downloaded so that you can sit the papers using the ICAEW computer-based assessment software. We have carefully formatted the question papers to look just like the real examination paper. The question paper PDFs can also be printed for your reference. 

We will also make available as downloadable PDFs our ICAEW-style marking "grids" so that you can self-mark your own work and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

To protect our copyright and to ensure that students do not take too much content into the exam room with them (see next point), our fully written-out student style narrative answer files will be provided as locked files accessible on-screen only via our learning platform. This is because it is not necessary to download any example narrative answer content to be able to sit or mark your Mock papers.

Whilst we are aware that at past sittings many students have taken our full Mock Exam Pack (including narrative answer files) into the exam room with them, we would not recommend this as an approach. Firstly, our Mocks are not designed as readymade answers on the day as you must ensure that you tailor your answer to the specific scenario set by the examiner. Secondly, in a time-pressured examination such as Case Study, you do not really have time to leaf through 200 pages of answer file content just to find a few points which might be relevant. 

We therefore lock our narrative answer files to our online system and nearer to exam day we will instead provide you with a downloadable and printable Key Points Summary PDF which collates and summarises all the key points from the Mock Exam Pack which may be relevant in some situations during the examination. This shorter, downloadable PDF document will be much more efficient to use in the exam than any full answer pack, which contains a very large number of points across its various pages (many of which cannot be used on exam day because the points will relate to fictional scenarios and characters that we have created as part of the Mock Exam Pack).

We hope this policy is clear but please let us know if you have any further questions prior to confirming your purchase. 

Release schedule

We will try our very best to meet the below release schedule and we have managed to meet our release dates for the Mock Exam Pack at all previous sittings but just to let you know that the below dates cannot be absolutely guaranteed so please check back again soon or email us at if you require an update.

The question paper PDFs for each Mock will be made available based on the following intended release schedule: 

Mock 1 is OUT NOW!

Mock 2 is OUT NOW!

Mock 3 is OUT NOW!

Mock 4 

Mock 5 is due for release on 22 October by 23.59 UK time

Your access to this resource will expire on 4 November 2021 after the November 2021 examination. 

We ask that you do not share these materials with any other parties - doing so would not only be a breach of copyright (and therefore a breach of the ICAEW Code of Ethics) but may harm your chances of success, given that Case Study is a moderated examination in which ICAEW base their pass/fail decisions on the average standard of all candidates taking the examination. Please help us and fellow purchasers of our Mock Exam Pack by respecting our copyright. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.