Cracking Case (November 2021 edition)

In this e-book, we’ll provide you with hundreds of student focused tips and tricks which tell you what you really need to do to pass this unique examination in which the marker has no discretion when awarding the marks.

A firm favourite amongst students since the first edition of the book was published in 2013, Cracking Case demystifies the complex Case Study marking process so that you can ensure that all your precious exam time is spent making points that are likely to score.

The latest November 2021 edition has been fully revised and updated for the learning points from the July/August 2020, November 2020 and July 2021 past papers and for changes in the ICAEW computer-based assessment software. As part of these updates, we include various detailed question sets containing over 100 short-form, quick-fire questions on the July/August 2020, November 2020 and July 2021 past paper markschemes to ensure you are fully up-to-date with how the examiners are evolving the Case Study examination.

Now that the July 2021 past paper markscheme has been made available by ICAEW, we have added an additional incremental update content (including 4 sets of short-form, quick-fire questions relating to the July 2021 past paper and July 2021 markscheme): this incremental update content will ensure that you are fully up-to-date regarding the latest subtle changes in the Case Study examination process. 

Topics covered in Cracking Case include:

  • Explanation of our simpler method of referring to the markscheme Boxes
  • Common misunderstandings in relation to Case Study
  • The correct writing style for Case Study
  • Our unique Planning & Reminder Sheets (a downloadable PDF) which are designed for use during the exam itself and which will ensure that you stay focused on mark-scoring points at all times
  • Specific and detailed advice on how to complete the Executive Summary, Requirement 1, Requirement 2 and Requirement 3
  • Advice on how to make practical points that are likely to score
  • Advice on how the marks for Assumptions and Scepticism points have subtly changed in recent past papers
  • Our Plan B approach to use if you mess up your timing
  • Summaries of key examiner tips and feedback from the Case Study Workshops at the ICAEW Tutor Conferences from 2014 onwards
  • Tips from our live tuition courses
  • Advice on how to organise your exam day resources effectively
  • Detailed review of the July/August 2020, November 2020 and July 2021 past paper markschemes
  • Advice on efficient use of the ICAEW computer-based assessment software

New features for 2021

As a new and exciting feature for the 2021 editions of this e-book, we’ll now provide you with hundreds of quick-fire, single-click online interactive questions to ensure that you have definitely absorbed the key learning points from each chapter of the book. These interactive questions will be a great way of cementing your understanding of the numerous tips and tricks provided. A separate set of questions is provided after each chapter of the book and each set is specific to the relevant chapter to help you focus your learning. 

We’ll also provide additional video content for most chapters of the book to ensure that certain tricky points are definitely understood.


This publication is provided as an online e-book which must be viewed on-screen through our online learning platform: the book cannot be downloaded. We provide a downloadable PDF version of our Planning & Reminder Sheets for use during the examination itself but no other content can be downloaded because all other content in the book is designed to be used before the examination as a form of preparation.

Your access to this publication will expire on 4 November 2021 after the November 2021 sitting of the Case Study examination.