Cracking Case On-Demand (CCOD) - November 2021
Our Cracking Case On-Demand (CCOD) course provides a blend of general Technique advice and November 2021-specific Application content, based on the technique set out in our popular e-book "Cracking Case" (which is included as part of the CCOD course fee: if you have already purchased the "Cracking Case" e-book and would like to upgrade to the full CCOD video course package, please contact us at as we would be happy to refund the e-book fee so you are not left out of pocket).

In this video course, you will learn:

1. how Case Study is marked and what types of point are likely to attract credit

2. how to use our Planning and Reminder Sheets to say focused on mark-scoring points under time pressure

3. how the Case Study markscheme has subtly evolved at recent sittings

4. how to read and interpret the November 2021 Advance Information, including likely exam-day scenarios

As at the time of writing (6 September 2021), the Technique element of the course contains around 15 hours of general advice on Case Study technique. We will be adding Application content specific to the November 2021 Advance Information as soon as possible: the first Application sessions specific to the November 2021 Advance Information should be available in early October 2021. 

Further highlights in our CCOD course content include:

-Requirement 1, Requirement 2, Requirement 3 and Executive Summary tips in which we explain how the marks are obtained and how to write up your answers

-Full access to our Cracking Case e-book (priced at £60 if purchased separately) as a companion to the video content

-Our Markscheme Masterclass sessions in which we review every markscheme Box on the last 6 real ICAEW past papers to help you spot the patterns and stay focused on mark-scoring points

-A detailed 3+ hour review of the November 2021 Advance Information in which an expert tutor will take you through every page of the Advance Information on a line by line basis to help you understand how the information may be used (whilst also identifying information that is almost certainly irrelevant for exam purposes)

Our video content is supported by quick-fire, interactive questions to help you test your understanding and assess which areas need to be revisited.

Looking for a way to practise your exam technique and timing whilst learning and absorbing the November 2021 Advance Information? Why not try our November 2021 Mock Exam Pack? Mock 1 is due for release on 1 October. For further details, select the "Mock Exam Pack" option within the "Case Study resources" menu on this learning platform. 

Please note that our Cracking Case e-book cannot be downloaded: we provide free PDF downloads of resources designed to be taken into the examination with you (such as our Planning and Reminder Sheets) but the main text of the book is locked to our online platform for copyright reasons. 

Your access to this resource will expire on 4 November 2021 after the November 2021 Case Study examination.