SBM Masterclass 2022

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This on-demand video course is applicable to the ICAEW Advanced Level paper in Strategic Business Management. The course is valid for all sittings in 2022.

Course length: 30 hours if viewed at 1x speed. All video content can be viewed at up to 2x speed to rapidly revise all key learning points – a perfect time-saver for busy students!

Pass rate (2021)

We are pleased to confirm that users of this course in 2021 achieved a 96% pass rate!

Pass Guarantee

We are so confident that the methodology used in our Strategic Business Management Masterclass 2022 will secure your pass that we are pleased to offer a full Pass Guarantee on this course.

Provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and complete all video and interactive question content at least once, we will provide a full refund of your purchase fee if you are not successful in the examination. The innovative approach used in this course can therefore be used with no risk!

Target audience

This course is aimed at both first-time and retake students. The course does not assume any prior knowledge of the Strategic Business Management syllabus but you will need to undertake additional work in your own time as directed by the course materials.

How this course will help secure your pass

In this course, we’ll provide you with access to our expert tutor videos which revise all aspects of the Strategic Business Management syllabus, including Assurance, Business Strategy, Financial Management, Financial Reporting and much more!

We’ll introduce you to our unique MAP planning technique (including a downloadable copy of our Planning & Reminder Sheets). MAP provides a practical, exam-focused approach to improving your score, based on breaking the question down into manageable chunks and managing your time accordingly.

Our course provides extensive revision of brought-forward FM content (particularly in relation to Derivatives) to ensure that you are back up to speed with this critical brought-forward knowledge.

As SBM is an exam which depends more on exam technique than technical wizardry, we're careful at all times to ensure that our sessions provide you with advice on writing style, time management, help on how to estimate the mark allocation and other vital SBM examination technique aspects. This will be far more useful than endless technical revision of theory.

In line with this focus on exam technique, we provide a number of detailed Tutor Talkthroughs of the real SBM past papers so that you can see how to attack exam questions, based on our expert tutor guidance and understanding of the mark allocation and SBM marking approach. This Talkthroughs have proven very popular with our recent students.

You will also benefit from our detailed tutor advice on how to tackle an examination where the mark allocation is not explicitly stated and "open book" resources are potentially a source of risk to your score.

We provide revision of both calculations and narrative elements to ensure that you are comfortable with both aspects of the examination.

We’ll also update you on the latest 2022 syllabus changes and test these using our quick-fire interactive questions.

All videos include interactive questions regularly mixed into the content to ensure that you remain engaged, avoiding the “zoning-out” that can happen with standard on-demand video courses.

By forcing you to actively engage with the content, you’ll easily absorb all the key learning points, maximising the benefit of the course and helping you achieve your full potential.

What is included in the course?

Over 30 hours of expert videos covering exam technique and core technical content (see lesson listing further down this webpage).

All video content can be viewed at up to 2x speed to rapidly revise all key learning points – a perfect time-saver for busy students!

Clear explanation of the syllabus changes for 2022 together with hundreds of quick-fire questions to help you engage with the new syllabus content.

Downloadable copies of the ICAEW SBM Mocks as a further source of practice.

Please scroll further down the page to see a complete listing of the “lessons” included with this resource.

Purchase process and terms and conditions

After you have made your purchase, you will receive instant access to all interactive video and question content available in this course (you will also receive free access to any further interactive video and question content that we add at a later date). 

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Your access to this resource will expire on 9 November 2022 after the November 2022 Strategic Business Management examination.

As a reminder, to qualify for our Pass Guarantee, you must purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and you must complete all video and question content at least once (we obviously recommend that you work on the content as much as possible but to qualify for our Pass Guarantee, you must use all resources available at least once).

Many recent students have commented that having the “incentive” provided by our requirement to complete all course content to protect their investment really did motivate them to use the course as fully as possible, helping them achieve their full potential!

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