Audit and Assurance Rapid Revision Question Bank 2022 (Books+)

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This e-book is applicable to the ICAEW Professional Level paper in Audit and Assurance. The e-book is valid for all sittings in 2022.

Our e-book contains over 600 short-form questions to help you actively engage with the technical content. Each question can be answered in 30 seconds or less, allowing you time to revisit the content many times before exam day, cementing your knowledge and understanding.

This e-book is an online-only product and cannot be downloaded. We provide some downloadable supporting PDF resources for the e-book but the e-book itself cannot be downloaded and must be viewed on our learning platform.

Target audience

This e-book is aimed at both first-time and retake students. The e-book does not assume any prior knowledge of the Audit and Assurance syllabus.

The e-book can be used at all stages of the preparation and revision process.

The e-book provides hundreds of short-form questions set at a standard below full ICAEW standard to help you learn the basic “building blocks” of technical knowledge.

By focusing on just one learning point at a time, the e-book will help you avoid the “overwhelm” and critical loss of confidence that can occur if you attempt full exam standard questions too early in your revision process.

How this e-book will help secure your pass

In this e-book, we’ll provide you with hundreds of short-form questions which cover all aspects of the Audit and Assurance syllabus through an active, self-test format.

Actively attempting questions and learning from your mistakes is the best way to learn and is far more time-effective than traditional note-taking or attempting to memorise content from the page.

Our supporting online content will also update you on the latest 2022 syllabus changes and test these using our quick-fire interactive questions.

By forcing you to actively engage with the content, you’ll easily absorb all the key learning points, maximising the benefit of the e-book and helping you achieve your full potential.

What is included in the e-book?

11 chapters of short-form questions covering all aspects of the Audit and Assurance syllabus.

Introductory chapter which explains how to use the e-book effectively and how to prepare for Audit and Assurance specifically.

Downloadable “My Trickies” PDF resource to help you keep track of your most challenging questions, helping you make best use of your scarce revision time by instantly skipping to areas in which you need to improve.

Downloadable PDF list of all syllabus changes in the 2022 edition of the Workbook, together with hundreds of online quick-fire questions to help you actively engage with the new syllabus content.

Please scroll further down the page to see a complete listing of the “lessons” included with this resource.

Purchase process and terms and conditions

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Your access to this resource will expire on 6 December 2022 after the December 2022 Audit and Assurance examination.

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